La légende la plus connue
La légende la plus connue

Welcome in the fascinating world of Mandrakes!

There are no other plant on the planet with such amount of associated legends and stories.
Mandrakes are used from ages (before Egyptian civilisation -1500) by whiches, esoterism, natural & ayurvedic medication.
The shape of their roots (all having plus or minus ramifications/legs) and their many chemical components, are the origin of legends and medicinal use... up to Harry Potter
All mandrakes are plants growing in external conditions and are frost resistant

Mandrakes, like many of Solanacea plant family, contains toxic substances (
scopolamine, atropine, hyoscyamine, hyoscine...) DO NOT INGERATE IN ANY FORM

You want to grow a mandrake?
To have a nice healthy and mature plant is a long process and can take at least 3 years before you get the first flower!
=> So.... better ask us as a professional to directly have a mature plant with nice root shape, in a large pot!

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